Beard Modeling for Sindy Sinn

I’m not sure if I ever released this one, but I did some modeling a while back for an Australian artist by the name of Sindy Sinn. I thought the results were were pretty cool.

If you like them too, be sure to check out his website HERE. The guy does some amazing art!


neon heart beard pic

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My Beard Orders Online While I Sleep

Here’s a few things my beard’s been buying online while I sleep. I would discipline him, but the stuff is good.

A new comb from the Old Familiar Comb Company

Old Familiar Comb Company001

Old Familiar Comb Company-beard

A new bearded skull patch from ITS Tactical

ITS-morale patch-beard

And another awesome delivery from Roughneck Beard Company. You’ll notice that Brad packages his shipments with wood shavings. It makes for a pretty cool manly packing material, but I accidentally opened up one of these boxes over my chili beans one night. Boom! Wood chips all in my beans. It’s all good though.

Roughneck Beard-beard-oil-3 (2)

Roughneck Beard-beard-oil-3 (1)

Roughneck Beard-beard-oil-3

This message was written by the beard of Dr. David Powers. You can always find it at Thanks for reading!

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Beards, Coffee Bags, and Awesomeness

Welcome to this week’s beardness!

Came across this cool add from Roastar coffee bags that features a truly spectacular beard.


I really enjoyed this meme because it personally suits me on both accounts.


Here’s a lovely article of mine that was published prior to a military beard competition that I judge annually.


And, finally, every place of business should have a fake mustache dispenser just for those poor men who have feminine faces.


This message was written by the beard of Dr. David Powers. You can always find it at Thanks for reading!

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A Recollection of Beard-ventures in 2014

As we enter the first day of 2015 I’m reminded of the Beard’s adventures last year.

In 2014 my beard and I…

  1. Judged 3 beard contests
  2. Appeared in 23 commercials
  3. Made an appearance with Mountain Man from Duck Dynasty at a minor league baseball game
  4. Debuted in our first music video
  5. Dazzled the runway in our first fashion show
  6. Cracked over 77,000 views on a video of my first beard trim after sprouting this mane of manfur.

It was a good year, and I’m looking forward to another one.

Already on tap is my first major role in a movie.

It’s gonna be epic!

Here’s a pic of me with two of my great friends and fellow beardos…

beard-Myrtle Beach-contest

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Grow a Beard. Your Face Will Thank You.

It wouldn’t surprise me if this came up again…
Beard Tax
Here’s me holding a lovely sign my wife made for a beard competition…
no beard equals woman
A guy that came across me online sent me a pic. Could Graham Henry be my long-lost beard brother?
Graham Henry_Beardioso

This message was written by the beard of Dr. David Powers. You can always find it at Thanks for reading!

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Beard Hygiene

I’m asked occasionally what type of care I give my royal beardness, so I thought I’d do a post on my beardly hygiene.

  • I gently but ever so carefully wash the beard a couple of times a week with shampoo.

  • My smokin’ hot wife bought me some Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioner that I use once a week. The beard loves it. He says it’s like getting a massage.
  • Sometimes I’ll also sneak some of my wife’s Suave Professionals conditioner, which is coconut scented and makes the beard smell like a tropical island.
  • On my head and body I use a Dove Men’s loofa and Dove Men’s liquid soap. Makes me smell like a dude. A clean dude.
  • After the shower and each morning I comb out the beardness, but I leave the grey hairs alone for now.

That’s about it. I don’t get all American Psycho clean like Christian Bale in the movie, but I smell good and maintain a fierce look to my visage. It’s entirely possible to look like an outlaw but still be clean.

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A Very God-Like Beard

Me and the family ate at a Ruby Tuesdays the other day.

The waiter referred to me as Zeus.

My beard really liked that.

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What Can Your Beard Do?

I tell my kids that my Beard can do a lot of things.

One of the things it can do is filter the air.

When I’m in a fire, it filters out the smoke. When I’m underwater, it filter oxygen from the water like a fish’s gills. With my Beard, I could live for an indeterminate amount of time inside a submarine. My Beard is like the carbon dioxide scrubbers, filtering out the unusable air to provide life giving oxygen.

It’s like a Beard Life Support System.

What neat things can your beard do?

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Have You Ever Grown Your Beard Out?

I’m not crazy enough to say that every dude looks good with a beard. Not every man can stand the weight of that much manliness on his face.

I do believe that every man should at some time just let it grow out for at least a month jus to see what it looks like. Then, at least you’ll know from then on that you did it at least once.

I did that with mine almost two years ago and decided to keep it. You might decide the same thing. Who knows?

A friend of mine recently described this process as a “leap of face”. Why don’t you take a leap?

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Another Dr. Dave Action Figure

It’s another action figure of me. I think there’s a very close resemblance.

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