Do Ticks have Beards?

Yes, they do. Or, at least this Tick does.


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In the words of Starship Troopers, “Would you like to know more?”





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Bearding on the Twisty Hollow app

I picked up one of the free app cards at Starbucks the other day. They’re coming dangerously close to needing to license my facial features for this one. The app is called Twisty Hollow, and I haven’t played it. Any reviews from you guys on it?

Twisty Hollow app

Reading through some comics in my pile and came across this one called Past the Last Mountain from Th3rd World Studios. It’s a really good story dealing with dragons, ogres, and such in our real world. I’d recommend checking it out. Thought I’d show you an image of a nicely bearded scientist from this issue.

Past the Last Mountain-beard

Past the Last Mountain-beard-2

This message was written by the beard of Dr. David Powers. You can always find it at Thanks for reading!

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GI Joe Rockin’ the Beard

It’s time for another entry in the GI Joe Facial Hair Gall of Fame.


mindbender-GI Joe-beard


monkeywrench-GI Joe-beard


mutt-GI Joe-beard

Be sure to check out my previous entries that were posted under the old blog. You can find them HERE.

This message was written by the beard of Dr. David Powers. You can always find it at Thanks for reading!

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Beards Look Great in Comic Books

Me and my beard had a talk after reading a few comics and we wanted to show you a few great images…

From Rat Queens issue 1…

Rat Queens-beard

Rat Queens-beard

From Justice League Europe 31…

Justice League Europe-beard-Thor

From Red Hood and the Outlaws 21…

Red Hood and the Outlaws-beard

And a last gem from The Steam Engines of Oz FCBD edition…

Steam Engines of Oz-Oz-beard

This message was written by the beard of Dr. David Powers. You can always find it at Thanks for reading!

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Of Friends and Friends’ Beards

In celebration of my friend Robert’s beard’s birthday, I thought I’d drop some beardly goodness.

Some call him Santa. I call him an awesome bearded Lego.


Could Batman be any more awesome? Yes. Yes, he can…with a beard.

Bearded Batman

Here’s some Bible beardness from 2 Kings 1:8: And they answered him, He was an hairy man, and girt with a girdle of leather about his loins. And he said, It is Elijah the Tishbite.

Dr. Faustus, a common Captain America villain is shown here with a massive dude ‘stache. Over time he ends up with an equally massive full beard.

Captain America 192_Dr Faustus001

And I’ll end with a lovely pic of pro NBA player Chris Anderson sporting some manfur.

Chris Anderson NBA

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Professional Bearding At Its Best

So, just what is a professional beardsmith? I’ll let you decide. I’d love to hear what you think.

While you ponder it, here’s some inspiration.

Check out the sweet red beard on this Wonder Woman cover. It reminds me of me.

Wonder Woman

I’m an old school Steelers fan from way back when Terry Bradshaw and Mean Joe Greene played. With beards like this though, it might be time to be a fan again.




Here’s a great entry from TC McCarthy’s book Germline.



And I’ll leave you with a sweet pic of me with my new beard notebook that my mom bought for me.


This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!

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The Hulk has a Beard!

I thought I’d give you a treat today by popping in a pic of the Maestro Hulk, or as I prefer to remember him, the Hulk with a Bead.

Here you go. If you’d like to see more, just Google Maestro Hulk and feast your eyes. There are even action figures of the bearded gamma monster.


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Long Live the Beardness!

Here’s a whopping big load of beard goodness for you!

Ten bonus points for whoever can name this show…

A must have for all the kids this fall who want to sing, “My facial hair brings all the girls to the yard!”

My 9yo nephew Ethan made this wire sculpture of me, complete with heavy beard. It’s hanging on the wall in my office.

I came across this beard-friendly business card in a book on marketing.

My little dude sees me comb my beard and tries to do the same.

Cool facial hair infographic!

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Jeremiah Johnson Makes Me Sad

I’m still a little sad over the scene where Jeremiah Johnson shaves his beard. I guess it’s partly okay since he did it for his wife, but it still makes my beard weep.


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Beards are Important for Future Wars

I just finished reading Germline, TC McCarthy’s first book in his Subterrene War series. It’s an excellent book, and one that I’ll look forward to reading the rest of the series for. I met TC at this year’s XCon World in Myrtle Beach SC. To be honest, I skip over a lot of the booths at the con’s because I can’t afford to buy from everyone. I drifted over to his booth because his son made me. Seriously. I was just moseying through the aisles when his little boy handed me a book brochure and said, “You gotta check out my dad’s books. They’re awesome.” How could I resist that?

I’ll be writing an in depth review at a later date close to the next XCon, but I wanted to give you a very beard-centric excerpt from the book to tide you over.

Oh, here’s a link to TC’s site.

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